Best-selling flip flops made in Japan

Until the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake 30 years ago, natural rubber flip-flops were made in Japan.
The factory was damaged by the earthquake and subsequently closed down.
With that, natural rubber flip-flops were no longer made in Japan.
TSUKUMO wanted to make natural rubber flip-flops again,
TSUKUMO found the current factory and reissued natural rubber flip flops made in Japan for the first time in 30 years.

It features a comfortable fit that sticks to the sole of the foot and cushioning that does not tire even when worn all day long.

(sole) Natural rubber
(strap) Natural rubber
(Production) Japan All processes are done in Japan

size: 23cm = actual size: approx. 23.2cm
size: 24cm = actual size: approx. 24.3cm
size: 25cm = actual size: approx. 25.6cm
size: 26cm = actual size: approx. 26.8cm
size: 27cm = actual size: approx. 28.2cm
size: 28cm = actual size: approx. 29,6cm

Price: JPY ¥2,900(tax included)

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